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New Moon in Sagittarius 23rd Nov 2022

Expansion of the compassionate heart:

Stop for a moment and listen to your heart, the wonder of how it beats in true synchronicity to the life force it generates within so that we may engage with the world around us.

Ponder how it beats and flutters when enraptured in a warm embrace or engaged in an activity that lights us up from within.

When we pause and still our mind, we have the capability to slow the rhyme of our breath and therefore our pulse, all the while confident that our heart center will sustain and support us in our endeavors to center ourselves to be present.

The New Moon in Mutable Fire Sagittarius ♐️ on 23rd Nov at 11:57pm CET , illuminates the path of intention for us to love and engage at a passionate level from within.

What patterns have you been noticing that no longer serve you?

What conscious choices are you seeding to engage and exchange wisdom from your heart center?

What belief systems are you creating to enable your personal motivation and expansion to unfold?

Being confident that in bringing your love into every moment, sparks the chain reaction both within you and around you.

A conscious chain reaction that enables everyone to feel and express their beating heart and dreamscape more ardently.

Be courageous in your endeavors to bring magic to your relationships and lovingly endowing your experience with every beat of your heart.

“On this path, let the heart be your guide” RUMI.

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