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New Moon in Taurus and Partial Solar Eclipse on 30th April 2022

Too long have we verged off the path of nature lured and consumed with things that sparkle and glitter, uprooted from our authentic selves.

This Taurean season we are invited to return to nature, the true nature of our BEing at One with the land and Gaia.

We are offered a moment to pause and remember to nurture our physical bodies, the earthly vessel which carries us thru this lifetime. This physical body, a container for spirit to live with and thru us.

As the moon partially eclipses the Sun we are reminded of how we truly wish to be seen in the outside world.

What steps are we taking to nourish and transform that light within us.

In a hectic world, all too often running just to standstill, sometimes void of rhyme or reason,

This fixed earth Taurus ♉️ moon offers us the time to seed new beginnings, aspirations, ideas and ideals for our Consciousness- to live in light and harmony with nature.

Talk to the trees, smell the freshly cut grass of spring. Plant something, nurture it and watch it grow.

Partake in a creative activity at home or simply consciously sit and enjoy some home grown produce, relishing in the texture and taste of every morsel.

Truly connect in With the true essence of Nature.

“ I talk to the trees

But they don’t listen to me

I talk to the stars

But they never hear me,

The breeze hasn’t time

To stop, and hear what I say

I talk to them all in vain,

But suddenly, my words

Reach someone else’s ear

At someone else’s heart strings too

I tell you my dreams

And while you’re listening to me

I suddenly see them

Come true “

Song by Clint Eastwood

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