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North Node in Aries, 17th July 2023

Upstairs, downstairs:

North Mode in Aries from 17th July 22:00 CET until 11th January 2025.

The never ending staircase of emotions 🪜

With the north node moving into Aries ♈️ (Cardinal Fire) it sparks us into a new modus operandi of endeavoring to initiate a vision for our emotional well-being and development. (The North Node being linked to the journey of conscious emotional development on our pathway of this lifetime)

This move of zodiac signs gives new energy to this journey- coupled with challenges it offers us to face and grow from as a result.

We are offered potential insights on how we set our boundaries and what action we take to dissolve those areas of our engagement with others that may no longer be aligned to us. Perhaps we may require some transition and transcendence of our methods of communication.

In being more forthright in our intentions this may require us to take back our power.

Perhaps we have been following the standard rhetoric that we can see more clearly now does not hold our best interests at heart.

What about our values and sense of harmony or justice? In our relationships are others receptive to engage in a more harmonious way?

Are we taking time to ensure our own needs are met and we are nurturing our bodies physically and emotionally?

So that in relation to others we can be more courageous in seeking what we are passionate about.

All this brings us another step forward on the pathway of emotional development this charming transformation of our light and confidence.

The stairs go up and down. There’s no one way of navigating the steps, all you can do is take each step one at a time 🙏🪜💗

Personal@writings by Elena Kennedy @lotus_health_and_wellbeing on the #northnode shift into #aries and teachings @blueroseastrology@andrewdhsmith . Photo my own.


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