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Open your eyes, the windows to the soul. NewMoon in Fixed Water Scorpio♏️✨

New Moon in Fixed Water Scorpio♏️✨

Open your eyes, the windows to the soul,

Look deeply within you and listen.

Emotions are stirring,

Often hidden and untethered, searching for meaning in a quest for light to illuminate them.

Feel the waves ebb and flow creeping ever closer to the shore, as do tears cascading onto our cheeks.

They wish to emerge and bring form to our world so too as the mermaid wishes to cast her tail and step out onto the land.

At this time of new moon, let us dive deeply within our soul, our inner emotional body and nurture it well.

We have the opportunity now to create new meaning and purpose and give form and voice to the ethereal luminosity of those inner feelings.

This Scorpio moon is a time to allow us to sit with our emotions, honor them, search deeply and open all those little Pandora’s boxes where we sometimes hide things.

We have the opportunity now to start afresh, a new phase and begin anew.

Acknowledge those emotions, give time and space to heal them.

Give shape and form to your next phase of emotional encarnations.

Fear not those feelings or the past they represent, give thanks for them and then release them so you can start afresh.

Open your eyes, see it clearly, shine substance and light on the window to your soul , so that newness and freshness can begin to unfold.

Let this be the first step of a new journey to manifest a new cycle of personal growth.

Personal Astrology musings they teachings from @blueroseastrology school.

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