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The Libra Equinox 23rd Sept 2022

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

At 2:03am GMT today marked the crossing point of the Sun into libra, heralding in the crossing in the Northern hemisphere from Sumner to autumn. It’s the signature of endings and beginnings. It’s a solemn moment where we can take stock of all that the warmth and light of the summer season has afforded us and the commencement of a new season, Time whereupon as the days continue to become shorter Nature reveals to us the beauty of change and release. As the leaves change color and shed, floating and releasing from their connection to the trees.

The Sun also joins up with Mercury, currently it’s retrograde phase so think about how you are communicating now and perhaps taking a moment to pause before replying or reacting to others, stay grounded in your communication and conscious of your words and their affects on others.

Jupiter also is in opposition aspect to Sun and mercury which can illuminate our approach here too. Maybe it’s a time to look at whether our prior expectations or beliefs of old and invite in new ideas or perspectives, Belief systems or way of approaching this next phase of our lives.

With Mars in the mix there’s energy available and a collective sense of courage and motivation to engage in action more Consciously for our collective good.

Enjoy the energy around you, see the balance or seek the balance in your life and hold strong in your convictions to shed that which does not serve you…

Happy Equinox everyone ✨💕


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